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Final Fantasy XIV

Next month Square Enix will be releasing their new MMORPG and I’m exited. It’s been years since I’ve truly played FFXI but I’m ready to jump into a new MMO. But the system requirements seem a bit high for most computer users. This post is mainly to post my current system setup and some Benchmark numbers.

Current PC about 5 months old.

Intel Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHZ

8.00 GB of RAM

ATI Radeon HD 5770 1 GB

Seagate Barracuda 1 TB – 7200 rpm

Score results from Benchmark

Low Resolution

Score: 4493

High Resolution

Score: 2525

not to bad for the current setup. I had to do an update on my ATI video drives. sadly I had issues with updating to the latest 10.7, so the current catalyst drivers I’m running is 10.5 which was the last stable set of drivers that worked with the system.

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